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We take pride in what we do!

We want YOU to become SUCCESSFUL too!

1. We specialize in helping businesses get started. If you want to start a business and ensure it will grow, we will help you look for all opportunities for success. We have been in business for 9 years, learned from failures and mistakes, and now we are ready to teach people how to succeed.


2. We do consult, general contracting, business startup or scaling, and real estate consulting. We will guide you to maximize your revenue. We will connect you with the right banks, contractors, and professionals to ensure success.

3. We also have a property for rent. We make sure that our tenants will feel that they are at home on all the properties we offer.


4. We offer one on one mentorship in life and business.  We strive to help you think like the top one percent.

           Please note that we give five (5) free minutes of consultation/interaction or screening. From then we can determine the best guidance we can provide for you.



Offer great investment plans with amazing returns.

     Offer rehab and repair/remodeling services at awesome costs

Why Choose Us


Everything from lenders, attorneys, CPAs, Realtors, Contractors, We have connections with qualified people to push you to your success.

Free Consultations

We offer a free 5 minute consultation/interview to understand your needs and see how we can help you.


Over 140 projects under our belt since 2012; We have went through mistakes and problems that will save people a lot of hassle and stress.


We aim to get you successful results. Our goal is to have you hire us again on the next project.

Our Services Include

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Testimonial from the participants who joined Chris Lumbu's Real Estate Mastery online class last June 2021

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