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2779 S Church St



Chris Lumbu 




              Chris is a father of 3 and a husband. He has bought and sold over 140 projects since 2013. Lumbu Managements is more than a business; It is a lifestyle. Chris started in Real Estate in 2012 in Charlotte, NC. His main focus was flipping in order to get to rental ownership. Life changed in 2018 when Chris almost gave up on real estate. Chris wrote his goals down and devoted to being selfish and focusing on the business for 4 months; if the business does not improve; then he would stop real estate; is where Chris found his success in real estate; He discovered some key things he could change that would scale his business through mentorship and networking. He made his largest flip to date in 2020 of $270,000+ in just 4 months. "Chris realized how easier it is to replicate the same thing over and over again because he created a system. During the Pandemic, Chris found himself in ICU for 5 days and his family struggling to maintain the business. When Chris got his health back; he decided to automate everything in his business; so that family will never go through that stress again. In 2021 after automating; Chris has averaged acquiring 7 properties every month since January 1st. Chris has already mentored 15 students in 2021; he looks forward to helping as many people that would like to learn about real estate. Chris was Born in D.R Congo and played football to help pay for school. He has 4 sisters and 1 brother. With a large family and being well-traveled; "I want to instill what I learned growing up and implement it to my business and family. I am very blessed to have such strong parents!!" "If opportunity doesn't present itself; get a hammer and build a door!!!"



Shiela Macaranas

Lumbu Management Assistant


Shiela is been with the team for more than a year now. Shiela brings energy and organization to Lumbu Managements LLC. She possesses great customer service and ensures that Chris stays on top of everything. She is the best person to contact during business hours if you would like quick replies and have inquiries.



Roy Hackworth 

Licensed General Contractor


Roy comes with an awesome credential in the real estate field. Current business owner and general contractor. Roy is a big help to Lumbu Managements LLC. We have Roy on the team always willing and able to get us through projects the right way!


Ciara Lumbu

Property Manager

Ciara manages all the apartment portfolios for Chris Lumbu and many more. She is the best in apartment management. She knows the in and out of the leasing process. You can count on her when it comes to rental procedures. She is an asset for Lumbu Managements LLC. If you need to rent one of our apartments or have questions for Ciara.